Cookie Policy

What cookies do you use?

No cookies at all! This website is completely crumb and cookie free so your privacy remains safe.

How am I trying to protecting your privacy?

I am always looking for ways to protect your privacy. These are a couple of services that I have switched to which don't use any tracking cookies at all.

Plausible Analytics

Analytics help me understand what blog posts are doing well so I can write more of what you like and less of what you don't like. It is also helpful to know what site brought you here so I know where to focus my marketing efforts.

What I don't need to know is your interests, gender, age and what city you are from. Google Analytics tracks a lot of information about you that I don't really care for but Google is interested in. Because Google Analytics is free it is the default analytics app that people put on their site. In return for a free tool, Google gathers all the data it likes about your visitors without them knowing.

This is why I have opted to use All the data is anonymous and no cookies are set. You can read more about their privacy-focused design on their website.